Ready, Set, Ride: Mastering Bike Riding

With what is left of summer, what better way to spend it than to master the skill of bike riding! This lifelong skill requires strength, balance, motor planning, bilateral coordination and integration of the sensory systems. Many of us are able to recall that feeling of accomplishment when we independently pedaled our bikes for the very first time. Those early memories of perseverance and overcoming fear often stick with us into adulthood. Not only is learning to ride a two wheeled bicycle a big milestone for children, but there is a big social component to this activity. Children who are able to keep up with riding their bikes with siblings, friends, and neighbors have more opportunities to socialize and foster meaningful relationships. Especially now when children are expected to maintain social distancing even in outdoor spaces, bike riding can be a safe way for children to play and interact with one another. 

As an additional resource for our families and friends of Boston Sensory Solutions, we have created a free video with step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child to master the skill of bike riding. This instructional video is as much about building your child’s self-esteem as it is about helping them reach this important developmental milestone. When children become more independent in this skill, they gain more confidence in what they can achieve. 


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