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Occupational Therapy Services from a Sensory Integration Perspective


Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration

Children have many occupations, or activities, that make up their daily lives.  They are primarily tasked with playing, learning, and socializing.  Disruptions in efficient sensory integration can lead to challenges in any of these areas.  Children may have trouble attending to lessons at school, staying seated for the length of a meal, or falling asleep in a timely fashion.  Others may have a hard time making friends of their own age, respecting the personal space of peers, or standing still in line.  Children can also show an inability to calm themselves when frustrated or need to be constantly reassured.  Occupational therapy services can help with these and other challenges in daily life. 


Parent Support Through Occupational Therapy

Parents are amazing people who shoulder an awesome responsibility, to care for their children and families, while also meeting their own needs. The sharing of joys & burdens, successes & challenges between parents and children leads to a special level of co-regulation, or overlapping of emotion, that can leave a caregiver feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the job of parenthood. Parents often put family demands before their own needs, leaving themselves running low on energy, patience, and stamina for the day to day tasks of life. Our OTs see this parental stress often, as we treat children in the context of families. We are able to uniquely support parents and caregivers in building their own capacity for better self care, time management, emotional regulation, and engagement in personal and family routines to create more peace and fulfillment in the tasks of parenthood. Our OTs are uniquely poised to tease out the root cause of one's parenting struggles and support parents to build their own skills and strengths for greater satisfaction in their caregiving roles.

Please reach out to see how we can help through our individualized, parent focused OT intervention, most often covered by health insurance. For group support, please look at our Groups and workshops section, as well.

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Adult Occupational Therapy

Adults, just like children, have sensory systems that are also affected by sensory processing differences. Many adults have simply learned to live with sensory differences, and have found personalized ways to manage unique sensory processing with minimal disruptions in day to daylife. Some of these individualized strategies may include enjoyable leisure pursuits, from yoga classes to mountain climbing, while others include little habits, like pen clicking or toe tapping, helping adults stay alert and attentive to our tasks. Some people, however, feel stress and discomfort from not yet having found the unique supports that minimize the disruptions that sensory differences create in their relationships and daily responsibilities. Adults may have experienced these differences their whole lives, but are only now coming to realize the root cause lies in sensory challenges. Other adults may be newly experiencing sensory-fueled discomfort with the added stressors of adulthood. Our OTs are specially trained to evaluate and treat adults for sensory processing challenges, making life, and our many relationships and responsibilities, easier to navigate. We provide the majority of adult OT via telehealth, in order to make access to services as easy to integrate into one's busy life as possible. Health insurance usually covers this intervention for adults who experience day to day challenges navigating their adult roles. Please reachout to see how we can help you or a loved one.


Groups and Workshops

Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. routinely offers a variety of groups to support children to build social skills, and executive functioning abilities, as well as to address emotional regulation and sensorimotor needs. The clinic also offers a rich array of parent support in the form of monthly Parent Education evenings and ongoing parent support groups, Parent Connections.

We are in-network for the following Insurance plans and are happy to work with families to request reimbursement for out-of-network services through other plans.

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