Compassionate Pediatric Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

Pediatric Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration

Our sensory systems take in information from the world around us. This system determines:   What information to pay attention to. What information to ignore. What to do with the information we attend to. How to react as a result of this information.

Parenting Support Through OT

Parents are amazing people who shoulder an awesome responsibility, to care for their children and families, while also meeting their own needs. The sharing of joys & burdens, successes & challenges between parents and children leads to a special level of co-regulation, or overlapping of emotion, that can leave a caregiver feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the job of parenthood.

Adult Occupational Therapy

Boston Sensory Solutions now accepts adult Occupational Therapy clients. Adults, just like children, have sensory systems that are also affected by sensory processing differences. Many adults have simply learned to live with sensory differences, and have found personalized ways to manage unique sensory processing with minimal disruptions in day to daylife

Groups & Workshops

Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. routinely offers a variety of groups to support children to build social skills, and executive functioning abilities, as well as to address emotional regulation and sensorimotor needs. The clinic also offers a rich array of parent support in the form of monthly Parent Education evenings and ongoing parent support groups, Parent Connections. For more information about current offerings for parents and children, please check out our Groups and Workshops page.

Bridget Dujardin, MS OTR/L

Meet Founder and Owner

Greetings- I am Bridget, founder and owner of Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc., with more than 25 years of experience working with children and adults who experience a wide variety of challenges in their daily lives.

I founded Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. in 2015 to pair my pediatric occupational therapy skills with family support. I feel this approach is valuable in helping families and caregivers better understand the effects a sensory processing disorder can have on their children.

My credentials include a BA in Psychology from Boston College and an MS in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University.

Feedback from our Families

Kevin Age 4

”Jessie makes me braver and stronger."

Calm kid
Bridget Dujardin with Boy on swing

“Bridget Dujardin is an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable OT. She has helped our family for years in finding workable solutions for sensory issues in our active boys. She truly understands that there is a positive impact on the whole family once the child is having their sensory needs met. I highly recommend Boston Sensory Solutions, LLC!"

Kristen Bushell- Milton, MA

“Bridget is a rockstar OT and a mom who gets it when a family is figuring out how to use sensory strategies effectively. Highly recommend!"
Ann Walsh
I strongly recommend Bridget Dujardin. She is experienced, knowledgeable and fabulous with children. She has a proven track record helping kids and improving the quality of life for families.
Deirdre Eschauzier
Bridget will do what it takes to make your lives easier, working every angle to meet your needs with a smile on her face. She is extremely knowledgeable in sensory integration and children will love how their body feels after their session. I highly recommend Bridget, she has taught my family so much.
Danielle Halpin
I could praise the intelligence, energy, and creativity with which Bridget and her staff work with my son. Or I could praise the ways in which they empower him to be a responsible for his life and his body at this stage in his life. But I think I'm most grateful for the fact that Bridget's helped me see who my son really is and set realistic expectations for what his life can be right now. That brings a little more peace and sanity to a stressful household and is, perhaps, the most valuable thing of all."
John Bell
Dorchester, MA
I started bringing my son to Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. when he was nine. I was concerned that starting an OT and sensory integration program at this stage in my son's development might be 'too late in the game' but I have been amazed at the progress I have seen in the last 12 months. He has gone from having zero motor plan to having strong core strength along with the mental tools to help him execute his movement.
Lisa Weinstein
Boston Sensory Solutions is a huge asset to the Greater Boston area. Bridget, owner and OT lead, is a truly-gifted provider. She meets kids where they are and matches their interests to each activity. My son is excited to go to Ms. Bridget! How amazing that taking him to work on difficult therapies is actually something he looks forward to. Bridget is always presenting fun new challenges and modalities. When my son says, I can't do this - she always reminds him... Well, maybe not yet. And, in addition to fantastic work with my son, she is a true collaborative partner with us as parents AND with other providers. She takes time to listen, ask questions, and discuss solutions. Boston Sensory Solutions is a rare and valued find!
Lindsay Rosenfeld

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Dr. Nicole Smith of Slak Chiropractic discusses the benefits of OT with Boston Sensory Solutions founder Bridget Dujardin

Boston Sensory Solutions In The News

Boston Sensory Solutions Interviewed in the Dorchester Reporter

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“As occupational therapists, our primary job--even before COVID--has been to meet our patients where they’re at. I think we’re uniquely positioned as a profession to meet this challenge. Our job is to accommodate the situation to make the environment most conducive to the patient--we’re constantly adjusting and adapting.”

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