Keep Kids Engaged and Social Through Free Virtual Groups


As some schools and camps continue to stay closed throughout the duration of COVID-19, kids are missing many opportunities to socialize with friends this summer. Being around peers and other individuals is an essential component to developing good social skills. It is also through meaningful social interactions that kids learn empathy, trust, and the importance of relying on a strong support system to get through tough times.

As a way to lend additional support to kids and their families, we at Boston Sensory Solutions are going to continue offering free virtual groups throughout the summer. These groups allow for opportunities to work on essential developmental skills while staying connected with others. There is no cost to attending these weekly virtual groups. Even families who are not being seen at our clinic can access this free resource. We send out a letter to everyone on our emailing list every Friday regarding activities and supplies to prepare for the following week. Weekly attendance is not mandatory, but pre-registration by email is required. You will be provided with the link to join the virtual group, which will remain the same each week. Email & specify which group or groups you want to join. Groups are open to current or prospective families. Friends & siblings welcome!

Tips for Virtual Groups:

  • Check your inbox for our weekly email for important information regarding the activities being completed
  • Have the supplies ready or close by so your child can easily retrieve them
  • It is recommended that parents stay close or check in occasionally in case your child needs assistance 

If you are unable to attend our virtual groups, we post all our videos on YouTube for you to access at any point. You can click on this link:


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