Children have many occupations, or activities, that make up their daily lives.  They are primarily tasked with playing, learning, and socializing.  Disruptions in efficient sensory integration can lead to challenges in any of these areas.  Children may have trouble attending to lessons at school, staying seated for the length of a meal, or falling asleep in a timely fashion.  Others may have a hard time making friends of their own age, respecting the personal space of peers, or standing still in line.  Children can also show an inability to calm themselves when frustrated or need to be constantly reassured.  Sensory integration treatment can help with these and other challenges in daily life. 

Have you ever been deep in conversation with another person in a hectic train station, yet felt you were the only two people there?  That is superb sensory integration at work!!   Our sensory systems take in so much information from the world around us and are challenged to determine what information to pay attention to and what to ignore, what to do with the information we attend to, & how to react to the situation as a result of this information.  All of this together makes up sensory integration.  When we have a disconnect in any one of these steps, the whole chain can be disrupted.  Challenges in daily life & social interactions can occur. 



When you are looking for an expert clinician, as well as a supportive coach who understands what life is like each day with a sensational child, Bridget Dujardin can help.  Bridget is an accomplished occupational therapist who has years of experience working with children and adults who experience a wide variety of challenges in their daily lives.  Bridget has recently founded Boston Sensory Solutions to combine her OT skills with her ability to support families to better manage the effects a sensory processing disorder can have on their children.  Bridget has a BA in Psychology from Boston College and an MS in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University.  Email Bridget