Calming Skills

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$ 275 per session
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For kids who will benefit from new ways to improve their coping skills and emotional control.Group members will build self-awareness skills through the “Zones of Regulation” to identify feelings and their causes, as well as explore sensory strategies to help manage the ebb and flow of these emotions. Each child will leave the group with new self-care skills & a toolbox of calming sensory objects they can use in real life situations.

New Students

New students must participate in a group assessment process with one of our clinicians prior to acceptance into the group.

Contact us at 617-691-7140 or via the button below to register for a free assessment or for more info. Let us know what class you are interested in registering for.

Returning Students

Students returning to Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. many register for groups on-line, but you must complete both:

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